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2024 Clean Power Survey

An illustrated orange envelope with a letter featuring a checkmark, symbolizing an email or received message.

Sonoma Clean Power and the SMEDD are partnering on the 2024 Clean Power Survey. If you have received this survey we encourage your participation, as the results will inform ongoing efforts to increase climate-smart energy usage. In an effort to increase participation the survey firm Recon MR is sponsoring and fulfilling a sweepstake drawing which can be accessed at

Once you complete the survey, you will be entered into a drawing for one of two $500 prizes and one of twenty $100 prizes. The survey drawing will be sponsored, conducted and fulfilled by our research partner ReconMR. 

The survey can be accessed online by typing the link above into your web browser or by calling Blake Sweeney of ReconMR toll-free at 1 (833)-646-0019, ext. 15.  Please complete the survey by April 24, 2024.