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Increase Equitable Community-Wide Prosperity

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  • Strengthen rural and tribal communities
  • Increase housing development for all incomes: improve permitting predictability and process; increase the number of workforce and affordable units; and increase zoning flexibility


  • Ensure Communications Redundancy
  • North Bay-North Coast Broadband Consortium
  • Santa Rosa Downtown Communications Enhancements
  • Fort Bragg Municipal Broadband Utility
  • Kashia: Multi-Use Campus
  • Fort Bragg City Hall East Community Facility Restoration
  • Guerneville Plaza Renovation Project
  • Extension of SMART to Healdsburg and beyond
  • Mendocino County Mobility Solutions in Rural Communities Project
  • Ukiah Transit Center
  • Cazadero Park Improvement Project
  • Permitting Predictability & Process
  • Fort Bragg Mill Site Rezoning Project
  • Santa Rosa Burbank Housing Project
  • Santero Way Specific Plan Rezoning for Housing
  • Fort Bragg Home & Community Land Trust
  • Santa Rosa - Red Housing Fund
  • City of Willits Community Center Rehabilitation
  • Coyote Valley Government/ Administration Building
  • Santa Rosa - Roseland Community Benefit District
  • Mendocino City Waste-Water Treatment System Improvements
  • City of Willits Recycle Wastewater Feasibility Study
  • Santa Rosa Water: Llano Sewer Trunk Rehabilitation #1 Project
  • Santa Rosa Water: Laguna Wastewater Treatment Plant Disinfection Improvements Project
  • Mendocino County New Transfer Station
  • Santa Rosa Downtown Infill Development
  • Dry Creek Rancheria Affordable Housing
  • Ukiah: Orchard Avenue Extension for Affordable Housing
  • Coyote Valley Community Park & Housing Development
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