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Plan for & Implement Resilience

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  • Plan for Resiliency
  • Develop water infrastructure to protect against drought and build capacity
  • Build emergency transportation routes
  • Increase Community fire safety by building community and fire-fighting facilities and reducing vulnerability
  • Develop green energy solutions
  • Mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis


  • North Coast Biochar Project
  • Potter Valley Project
  • Mendocino Enhanced Water Storage
  • Mendocino County Russian River Flood Control & Water Conservation Improvement District Reservoir Project
  • On-Farm Groundwater Recharge Multi- Benefit Demonstration Project
  • Sonoma County Strategic Plan: Enhance Community Resilience to Fire
  • Mendocino County Innovative Transportation initiative
  • Improve Redwood Valley Calpella Fire District facilities
  • Cazadero Replacement of Non- Reinforced Masonry Firehouse
  • Replace the Fort Bragg Fire Station
  • Redwood Valley Fire Mitigation
  • Sonoma County Strategic Plan – Climate Resiliency
  • Mendocino County Energy Resiliency
  • Geothermal Opportunity Zone
  • Santa Rosa Colgan Creek Restoration
  • Dry Creek Rancheria Wetland Mitigation
  • Coyote Valley Riverbank Restoration/Stabilization
  • Fort Bragg Mill Site Creek Daylighting
  • Fort Bragg Pudding Creek Dam Removal Project
  • North Coast Biochar Project
  • City of Healdsburg Recycled Water Extension Project
  • City of Healdsburg Groundwater Well for Water Supply Resilience
  • Kashia Portable Water Desalination Plant
  • Fort Bragg Water Infrastructure
  • Redwood Valley Water District Infrastructure & Storage Project
  • Redwood Valley Water Supply Pipeline from the Ukiah Aquifer
  • City of Willits Water Storage Tank Replacement
  • Coyote Valley Emergency Fire Egress (Road) & Emergency Preparedness
  • Redwood Valley Emergency Evacuation Route Improvements - Construct 8 ford crossings of Cave Creek to connect Redwood Valley to Little Lake Valley
  • Brooktrails Second Access
  • Old Cazadero Road Emergency Egress project
  • Rail Trail to Mendocino College
  • Monte Rio Bridge Project
  • City of Willits Photovoltaic System for Wastewater Treatment Plant
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