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Develop Innovative and Value-Added Economic Sector

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  • Grow the Blue Economy through partnerships to add jobs, strengthen business sectors and build infrastructure related to the ocean
  • Grow the Green Economy through innovative partnerships to strengthen key value-added sectors: specialty food products, beer & wine, furniture and other finish products
  • Build Synergisms Between Tourism & Creative Clusters: Strengthen the synergisms between the Tourism Cluster, Arts and Entertainment & the Creative Class


  • Mendocino Coast Blue Economy
  • Establish the Kashia Center
  • Noyo Center Ocean Science Center
  • Seawater Intake Project
  • Hopland Research Center Facilities & Infrastructure Project
  • Pepperwood Facilities Project
  • Kashia Biofuel Production Facility
  • Cotati “Maker” Incubator
  • Creative Sonoma
  • Mendocino Coast Tribal Center
  • Great Redwood Trail
  • Noyo Harbor Multimodal Project
  • Noyo Harbor Community Sustainability Plan
  • Noyo Harbor Marina Redevelopment
  • Kashia Hemp Processing Plant
  • Kashia Permaculture Farm
  • Kashia - Berry’s Sawmill and Hardware Store Acquisition
  • Fort Bragg Farmer’s Market Building
  • Redwood Valley Grange Community Project
  • Fort Bragg Performing Arts Center
  • Fort Bragg Industrial Arts Center
  • Fort Bragg Recreational Playing Fields
  • Point Arena Visitor Center
  • Point Arena Campground
  • The Kashia Family Entertainment Center and Hotel
  • Dry Creek Rancheria Dutcher Creek Hotel
  • Guerneville Plaza Renovation Project
  • Coyote Valley Infrastructure for and Hotel Development
May contain: shelf, shop, person, building, and architecture