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Bill Shevlin

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Bill Shevlin
Correlate | Making sustainability profitable.
MAVERICKS MICROGRIDS | Future Proofing The Grid 

Chief Strategy Officer of Correlate Energy providing on site renewable energy solutions with storage, energy efficiency and decarbonization measures.

Founder of Mavericks Microgrids providing carbon neutral and carbon negative focused on waste to energy, ev charging and hydrogen microgrids.

Have successfully started from the ground up several ventures in Real Estate, Construction, Energy, Technology and Cannabis. Successfully transformed existing companies from small operations to large regional / multi state or national companies.

Generated over $3B in direct negotiation opportunities. Developed and negotiated over $1B in high net margin business over the past 15 years.

Have achieved top 1% national rating for several companies in quality and volume.

Part of core team that launched a national solar company that installed 10MW of solar within 12 months of launch.

Developed and been involved in the installation of over 100 MW of distributed energy roof top solar.

Development, financing and operating over 1 GW of carbon neutral and carbon negative microgrids globally.

Created sales strategies and market approaches that eliminate the competition before even going into the market.

Analyze markets and find highest margin business to help create win / win scenarios with manufacturing partners and end users to create highest possible margins in market segments with little or no competition.

10 MW Rooftop Solar various locations in Southern California Edison territory for the Feed in Tariff Program

Over 50 MW of on site solar for customers across the US for behind the meter applications that provide decarbonized energy savings

Over 200M square feet of energy efficiency upgrades to buildings including building envelope (Roofing & Insulation), daylight harvesting, LED retrofits / controls, HVAC upgrades and other energy efficiency upgrades

10 plus years’ experience in research and development of waste to energy pyrolosis systems and economics

3 plus years' experience in research and development of waste to energy for digestion and gasification

Originating, structure and / or finance of over $500M of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects completed

Originating, structure and / or finance of over $5B of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in development

Presentations to NRCA, IREM, ICSC, NAR, BOMA, IFMA and various other real estate ownership groups and stakeholders

Hold several patents and pending patents in non-penetrating roof top mounts, solar mounts, technology and cannabis. Used IP strategy to create market segments where no other companies could perform in the space due to efficiencies and regulations.

Creation of over 3M tons of CO2 offsets for clients