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Genevieve Taylor

A smiling woman with long hair on a green circular background.

Genevieve is Executive Director and Managing Facilitator at Ag Innovations, a nonprofit based in Sonoma County that facilitates systems change and collaborative action at the intersection of agriculture and natural resources. She brings over 15 years of experience in facilitating collaboration on issues such as ag viability, water stewardship, fire resiliency, biodiversity, pesticides, food systems, climate adaptation, and organizational development, and is the facilitator for the California Roundtable on Agriculture and the Environment (CRAE). Genevieve believes that vibrant collaboration is the key to unlocking solutions to the complex and interconnected challenges around our natural and working landscapes. Her team facilitates systems change and collective action in the areas of agricultural viability, water stewardship, fire resiliency, and food systems, and is known for their neutral, generative stance, dynamic bridge building, and ability to affect meaningful change. Prior to Ag Innovations, Genevieve was Vice President at Global Genesis, a consulting firm specializing in organizational development. In this role she facilitated inventive group processes and supported organizations with strategic planning, teambuilding, mission and vision development, and leadership development. She has had the pleasure of working with businesses, not-for-profits, academic institutions, and government agencies spanning a variety of sectors, including food, natural resources, social services, hospitality, construction, and others. She has worked and traveled in almost 20 countries, most recently to teach an MBA course in Bangkok, Thailand. As a volunteer and social entrepreneur, she co-founded the annual Sustainable Enterprise Conference in 2005, the San Francisco Urban Alliance for Sustainability in 2003, and CircadiaOne in 2009, a change management firm dedicated to guiding enterprises toward sustainability. Genevieve received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis on International Relations, and a minor in Geography from the University of California, Berkeley, transferring from Santa Rosa Junior College. She is proud to be an alumna of Leadership Santa Rosa (Class XXI), and a fellow of the Leadership Institute of Ecology & The Economy (Class 2008). She learned to speak Spanish while studying abroad in Chile.