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Temra Costa

A woman with bangs smiling, against a green circular background.

Temra Costa is a visionary with over two decades of experience dedicated to initiatives aimed at regenerating land and fostering community resilience. With a commitment to sustainable practices, she has led programs across diverse domains such as circular economies, ecological and regenerative forestry, climate resilience, land stewardship, and regenerative food and agriculture. Serving as a Board Member at Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District and as the Co-founder of Green Valley Farm + Mill, an innovative rural education center, Temra is deeply invested in advancing land stewardship projects. Moreover, as the Co-founder and Director of Regenerative Forest Solutions, a nonprofit focused on revitalizing forest ecosystems, she continues to drive impactful change. Temra's passion and expertise are also reflected in her acclaimed book "Farmer Jane: Women Changing the Way We Eat," which underscores her role as a thought leader shaping the future of sustainable food systems.