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AgTech Innovation Hub    Brainstorming Session

May contain: nature, outdoors, countryside, aircraft, helicopter, transportation, and vehicle

We are excited to invite you to an Agtech Innovation Hub Brainstorming Session, which will be held on May 30 in Hopland. 

Purpose: To assess interest in a regional approach to establish a North Bay AgTech Innovation Hub. 

Context: The introduction of advanced technologies into our local agriculture and natural resource management communities could deliver value to regional farming and natural resource management operations, contribute innovations to increase economic diversification and climate resiliency, and yield exportable products and services to other markets. Application of these technologies could span efficiency, quality, yields, land and natural resource management, water management, human resources, and others yet to be seen. 

The Brainstorming Session will provide a platform for open discussions, idea sharing, and collaboration among local stakeholders in the agriculture industry. Your participation and contribution to the session would be highly valuable and appreciated. Topics may include:

Download an event 1-pager here.

Download Agtech Innovation Hub Report Out

Download Agtech Innovation Hub Opportunity Slide Deck

AgTech Innovation Hub Concept OverviewAlignment with Other/Existing Programs
Unique Sonoma-Mendocino Value PropositionPhysical and Programmatic Assets
Funding Opportunities and Pathways for SuccessNext Steps – Feasibility Study

Logistic Details: The details of the Agtech Innovation Hub Brainstorming Session are below. 

  • Date: May 30, 2023
  • Time: 10AM-2PM
  • Location: Hopland Research & Extension Center - Rod Shippey Event Hall
  • Address: 4070 University Road Hopland, CA 95449
  • RSVP (Required)

We look forward to your participation and contribution to the Brainstorming Session as we collectively work towards advancing agriculture innovation in our region.